5 Tips Buying Beats Online

What should an artist pay attention to

Imagine the situation: you buy beats online. But have you wondered what rights do you get?

Or maybe it seemed to you that this was not a professional producer, but some young child who wrote a beat after school and didn’t even have known about the music industry.

In the end, you surf the Internet for several hours in search of a suitable beat. And then you finally found it. You are inspired. The text oozes out of your mind and you start writing it. The next day, go to the site of the producer (or Soundclick or Airbit, because not all producers have sites) and do not find this beat. And you start to tear the hair on your head. Where is this beat?

The answer suggests itself:


Tip: If you can’t find the beat on the producer’s website that you previously heard on YouTube or the Soundcloud, the answer is one - the beat was sold in Exclusive Rights.

OneS Beats

So let's get down to business and I'll give you 5 tips on buying a beat.

5 Tips Buying Beats Online

OneS Beats Updated on: December 21st, 2018 Blog

1st Tip

Go to the producer’s own website.

Normal producer should have a website

Yes, damn it, a normal producer should have a website. The site is the face of the company. You are not going to buy bread from someone on the street? You want to buy it at a good grocery store. The same situation with beats, always buy the beats on the producer’s site (or on the Beatstars, Soundclick, Airbit sites already known to everyone)

Check if the beat is free. Maybe he was already bought with exclusive rights. If I sell a beat in the exclusive version, I write next to it the phrase: "SOLD." This means that I sold the bit with Exclusive Rights and it is no longer available for sale. (And do not even persuade me to sell it to you, for me the laws of morality are higher than any money and I'm not deceiving anyone, in the end everything will return to us in heaven)

Why I do not recommend buying from the built-in pages Soundclick or Airbit. A lot of juvenile and non-professional beatmakers create pages on them and impersonate professional producers. Imagine you bought a WAV file from such a producer and after a couple of months your track blew up the top charts and you want to buy Exclusive Rights. Return to the Soundclick page for this producer and it no longer exists! Oops! And where to find it now? And all because the producer (the language starts to hurt when I call them so :)) did not pay the next month to rent a page on Soundclick and him page is lost. With a producer’s personal site, it’s completely different and maintenance is much cheaper. For example, I only pay for my site once a year, and all this costs me about $ 40 (1 rent a beat :)

I recommend pay to beats via PayPal. This system has good customer protection. You can open a claim if after the payment (usually within 24 hours) the producer does not send you a beat.

2nd Tip

If you are serious about your creativity, give preference to a WAV file, rather than an MP3

Better worth paying extra for quality

For an ordinary ear, the difference in recording quality is negligible. But for professionals or those who listen to music carefully, the difference will definitely be felt. The main difference Wav from Mp3:

  1. High frequency cleanliness
  2. Sharpness of low frequencies
  3. Mp3 compresses sound and Wav does not
  4. Bitrate Mp3 varies between 320 and 8-16 Kbps. Wav fixed bitrate - about 1400 Kbps

Of course, ideally buy Track-Out . After all, every instrument in it is recorded as a separate track and there are much more opportunities for quality mixing and mastering. But their prices are usually higher by 1.5-2 times and not always available for all wallets.

3rd Tip

Familiarize yourself with Exclusive and non-exclusive rights and know what their differences are.

Knowing the differences between them, you can choose what is right for you.

All producers have different lease terms for non-exclusive rights and terms of use for Exclusive. Therefore, carefully read them. Usually producers set an example of a contract on their site. (At least I laid out these contracts and they are freely available - here is the link).


If you still do not know what the difference between the Exclusive license and the Non-Exclusive license, read my article, I tried to tell about all the nuances in it.

4th Tip

The world of beats is huge. So choose!

Do not hurry, choose wisely.

Yes, of course, I, as a producer, should not say such words. I guess I should have said: "Buy only from me and no one else." But then I would not be honest with you.

In fact, there are many talented unknown beatmakers. Take your time, buy only when you are sure that this bit is exactly what you need. But how to understand this, you ask. Here are some small tips:

  1. You are ready to listen to it again and again
  2. You have good text on this beat, and also the text HARMONIZE with a beat.

Beware who sells their own for too small a fee. For example, Exclusive Rights for $50-70. These people do not value their work. And if a person does not appreciate his work, how can you trust him. Maybe he sold the exclusive rights to this bit many times already. But I do not speak specifically about everyone, perhaps they were pushed into it by a life situation. Just check out who you’re working with and know: everything has a price.

5th Tip

Bulk Deals – The most hot Tip!

What could be better than getting a few beats for free.

Imagine the situation. You went to the site of the producer and chose 3-4 beats. And you all like them. But you only have enough money for 1 or 2 beats. You leave the site and start saving up the missing money to buy it in the future.

Now breathe more air! No need to wait for the receipt of money. Just pay attention to Bulk Deals.

Many producers offer 2 beats for the price of one, or 3 beats for the price of one, and so on. Perhaps you have seen such inscriptions "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" or "Buy 2 Get 3 Free." Therefore, carefully read the content of the site. If the site does not have such information. Just try to add 3-4 beats to the cart and see if the discount will be calculated.

I sold 3 or 4 beats many times and the artists paid their full cost. Although they could get the same number of beats for half the price. And all because they did not see Bulk Deals.

So be careful and buy beats online reasonably. Have a nice day!