Where buy beats?

Where to find the cheapest beats and hight quality beats

You ask yourself: where buy beats. There are many sites and beatmakers who sell beats online. But how among this large number to choose the right option and not make a mistake. In this article, I will tell you about several top-end sites for selling beats and share my experience. So, here is a list of the best sites in my opinion for solving the issue where buy beat cheap.

Where buy beats?

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3rd Place


The oldest site for buying beats

The oldest and most famous music platform for selling and buying beats. Was launched in the distant 1997. Now this is a powerful chart where you can buy beats in a variety of styles. Soundclick recently updated his design. But in my opinion, up to the leaders of the music industry - Airbit and Beatstars - it does not hold out. It's not quite a user-friendly interface, the payment of beats still occurs through the built-in players of the above sites. There is no typing of licenses. There is no way to select a bit by tempo, style and hashtags. But this is the main thing if you are a serious artist. The site is not bad but I rate her 3 because of the inability to process payments and uncomfortable interface.

Where buy beats? Soundclick is the 3rd place in our ranking.

Link here Soundclick

2nd Place


Before rebranding MyFlashStore

Site for selling beats, got its popularity thanks to the ability to embed its player on the pages of third-party sites. Currently this site has its own diagram. MyFlashStore instantly delivers you beats immediately after payment

One of the best options that Airbit has is a user license and contracts with an auto-signed signature. You read the agreement, register on the site (but if I'm not mistaken you can buy without registration) and pay a beat. After that, a beat without voice tags and a signed contract come to your email. At the same time, Airbit gives you a guarantee on the return of the amount in case you are not satisfied with the quality of the beat. This is a huge plus in this beatstore

So I give the 2nd place to this site, if you do not know where to buy beat

Link here Airbit

1st Place


The best place to buy beats (in my opinion)

Beatstars began its existence since 2010. Its founder, Abe Batshon, is a very competent businessman. The platform at the moment has excellent functionality, design, collaborates with Soundcloud, YouTube. Thanks to ProPage2 artists it became much more convenient to buy not only bits, but also sound sets, drum packs, mastering and mixing services. At this site everything is as in the palm of your hand. an artist can immediately see his license before buying, download a bit with voice tags, sign on to the producer in social networks.

Beatstars independently processes payments and is an intermediary when buying. Therefore, your money is always protected. In addition, in 2018 Beatstars launched the Membership service which allows artists to subscribe to a producer and receive a certain number of beats for free each month! It's just awesome!

In addition to all these advantages, there is an excellent beat search filter. You can search for beats by tempo, by style, by producer, by genre, by most listened, by most sold, by most popular. And, after recording the track, you can upload your work to the site, share it with other performers, recruit your fans, and sell songs! yes, you did not misinterpret, you can assign a price for your song.

Just like on the Airbit beat and the contract immediately after the purchase is sent to you on the email.

Link here BeatStars

And now let's sum up the results:


I also wanted to say that I myself sell beats on Beatstars. Here is a link to my beats. I really love this site and I recommend buying beats there. I hope I answered your question - where buy beats. I wish you peace and success in creativity!