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Trackout Lease. Track out. What is track out?

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Track Out - the layout of rap beat on tracks. In other words, each instrument in a beat (piano, violin, bass, synthesizer, pad, drums) is mixing and arranged into a separate WAV file. Usually all these tracks (track out) are the same length, so that you can more conveniently assemble the beat. You just upload each individual file to your sequencer, direct it to separate channels and process (mix) as you like.

After all, everyone has different tastes and the taste of the producer's track can differ from the taste of the artist.

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They also have other names. Such as Track Stems, Trackouts, Individuals WAVS, etc.

Why Do Artists Need Track Out?

It all depends on what the artist is trying to achieve. If you plan to apply interesting effects, delays, reverberations, pitch control to the song, then you will have to work with each instrument to separate the voice into the mix. For example, if you record a voice to a wav file (beat in WAV format) and your vocals conflict with some kind of instrument, then you have to lower the frequencies of all instruments, and you can lose the dynamics and juiciness of the beat. And in the case of Trackouts (Track out), this can be avoided by lowering the conflicting frequencies of a particular instrument. Therefore, the trackout lease in this case will be more reasonable.

If you plan to record a voice in a professional recording studio, then the master engineer usually requires Trackout Lease, in order to achieve high-quality sound.

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