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If you read this, then you're the one who is looking for new hip-hop beats.

Already 2019 year and time flies with a maximum speed. And how much has changed since the creation of hip-hop. There are new styles, one talented young artist replaces the other. In a word, a tendency. And as the French poet and songwriter said:

The song is a social drum, which opens the march and to the beat of which they keep up.

Pierre Jean Beranger

I, Ones Beats, try to follow all modern trends and keep up with fashion in music. I constantly monitor my sales and try to figure out which hip-hop instrumentals are in high demand and which ones are smaller. And you know, I noticed that tastes also affect the time of year!

"Yes Yes! You heard right! At different times of the year, artists prefer different types of beats."

New Hip-Hop Beats

OneS Beats Updated on: March 13th, 2019 Genre

I analyze consumer demand and demand from artists and release 1-2 beats per week. For convenience, I put the most popular beats and new hip-hop beats on top of the player. But if you want, you can always filter them on your own.

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