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  • Exclusive Beats for Sale

    Exclusive Beats for Sale

    Branding August 06, 2018

    You probably heard the tracks, with similar sounds. I will not even give examples. The same snare or reeverse effect. In addition, you often hear similar chords. But there is nothing to worry about, the main thing is that the sound and notes change, and do not look ...

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    Hip-Hop Instrumentals

    Branding August 02, 2018

    In hip-hop music, the term "instrumental" (or "Beat" from English Beat - tact, rhythm) changes the musical basis of the rap composition, on which the text is superimposed. In modern foreign hip-hop, releases of whole albums with ...

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    What is a Type Beat?

    Branding November 20, 2017

    Surely each of you met on YouTube (and not only) video, the title of which was the wording "Type Beat": for example "Drake ...", "Future ..." and so on. Thus, young producers, who have not yet achieved popularity, try to draw attention ...

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